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3 Signs It's Time To Replace Your Old Air Conditioning Unit

Air conditioning replacement

As a homeowner, there is going to come a time when you are faced with the difficult decision of whether or not the time has come to replace your old air conditioning system. A new air conditioning unit is a major investment in your home, and making the decision to replace your old one is definitely not a decision to be made lightly. To help you in that effort, our team of air conditioning service pros have taken the time to put together this helpful list that might help you identify some of the more common signs to look out for that could indicate the time has come to invest in that new air conditioning system.

Your Unit Is More Than 10 Years Old

Generally speaking, most air conditioning systems have an average lifespan of roughly fifteen years or so, depending on how well they have been maintained in the meantime. This means that if your system is older than ten years, and your find yourself in need of major repairs of some kind, it is definitely worthwhile to consider whether or not replacing that old system might actually be the better option. When you consider the technological advances that newer models enjoy over those that are a bit older, replacement can quickly start becoming the more cost effective option in the long run.

Your System Is Continually Breaking Down

If it seems like your old air conditioning system is constantly breaking down or continually developing new problems that you have to get repaired, it's probably a good time to start considering replacements. There is no sense in continually paying out money for expensive repairs every other month when you could likely spend a little bit more at once and have a more efficient cooling solution for your home going forward.

You Are Facing Expensive Repairs

Anytime something goes wrong within your system that is going to require extensive repairs in order to correct, it is worth taking a little bit of time to consider if now is the right time to go ahead and start looking at replacements before throwing more money at repairs. Repairs can really start to add up over time, and if your system seems to be continually developing the same issues, or developing issues faster than it should, it might be a better investment in the long run to go ahead and invest in a newer unit for your home.


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